Pulmonology procedures


Oct 2019

MTRC has developed three reports on the key market access topics, including innovation funding, health technology assessment and funding frameworks for medical devices. These reports help to understand the relevance of these frameworks to certain types of medical technologies, including pulmonary and airways technologies. This post provides some key facts about the HTA, funding and innovation payment landscape for pulmonary and airways devices in Europe. Read more


Dec 2017

The Dutch National Health Care Institute considered that application of one-way endobronchial valves for endobronchial lung volume reduction fulfills the criteria of “state of science and practice” for patients with severe emphysema and insufficiency of drug treatment. Therefore, this procedure can be included into a basic package for appropriate indication. Read more


May 2017

In 2014, Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) commissioned Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) to conduct health technology assessment of different approaches for lung volume reduction in patients with severe pulmonary emphysema. And now IQWiG has published the final report. The main conclusion is that it was not possible to draw any conclusion about relative effectiveness of bronchoscopic and surgical methods due to lack of the data. Read more