Dec 2018

Changes will be made in sixteen chapters of Nomenclature. In relation to medical technologies and in-vitro diagnostics, the most important changes include creation of new codes for ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, clinical biology and genetic examinations. Read more


Dec 2018

In late November 2018, the Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center (KCE) published a report with the title “Optimisation of RIZIV – INAMI lump sums for incontinence.” The primary aim of this report is to analyze the adequacy of the current payment model. The report was requested by the National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI). Read more


Aug 2018

INAMI/RIZIV launched a call for projects via the application of negative pressure wound therapy in home nursing until August 31, 2018. Funding for a project depends on the number of treatment periods started, with a maximum of €1,000 per patient. Read more


Jul 2018

In spring 2018, the Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center, KCE, has published a rapid HTA report of MammaPrint® test for personalized management of adjuvant chemotherapy decisions in early breast cancer. The report complements evaluation of the clinical utility of the test from the EUNetHTA’s assessment with health economic evaluation in a Belgian context. Estimates show approximate mean chemotherapy-related costs in Belgium of €11 411 without considering sick leave costs and of €15 044 when the latter are included. KCE came to the conclusion that given the uncertainties surrounding the limited data on the clinical utility of MammaPrint®, no reliable incremental cost-effectiveness ratio could be calculated. Read more


Jun 2018

European Med Tech and IVD Reimbursement Consulting Ltd. released a report, which identifies and provides an overview of the innovative payment schemes for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic tests in European countries. The report was supported by the grant from the Med Tech Europe. Access the full version of the report at our web-site. Read more


May 2018

National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI) reimburses some or all of the non-implantable medical devices provided by the pharmacist or in some cases by a supplier. In May 2018 the list of non-implantable medical devices has been updated. Read more


Apr 2018

New material codes for Ventricular Assist Device and Aortic Endoprotheses were added to the List of reimbursable devices of the Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI-RIZIV) in April 2018. Read more


Mar 2018

In some cases, compulsory health care insurance reimburses an implant or an invasive medical device only if it is placed in a hospital that meets specific criteria. Read more


Feb 2018

KCE performed health technology assessment of 3D high-risk printed medical devices. It provides description of evidence concerning efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of the 3D printed medical devices as well as legal issues (requirements to enter to the market, liability, data protection, patient’s rights, traceability, reimbursement, intellectual property rights). Read more


Dec 2017

The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre and the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Care innovation have signed an agreement to invest 6 million euros in the pilot project Belgium-Netherlands Funding of International Trials (BeNeFIT) for conduction of comparative, practice-oriented clinical studies which is relevant to patients, caregivers and policymakers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Read more


Nov 2017

The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center (KCE) performed assessment of use of static automated external defibrillators (AED) by bystanders for out of hospital cardiac arrest. The aim was to inform government, whether current practice of placing AED for public use should be supported or not. No strict recommendations were given due to insufficient evidence for this device in use by bystanders. Read more


Nov 2017

Patients who have undergone mastectomy for the breast cancer or as a preventive measure can now benefit from better reimbursement of autologous tissue breast reconstruction if it is performed in a hospital that has an agreement with INAMI. Read more