Coverage with evidence development (CED)


Aug 2020

The focus of the service is on reimbursement decisions (new procedure codes, DRG change, coverage decisions, innovation funding, clinical guidelines) in 14 European countries and globally. Only in Europe, 29 organizations are monitored. All news are classified by 31 Technology Group and alerts are sent every 2 weeks. This is a twin service for "HTA Alerts", where we track initiated or published HTAs from 56 organizations globally. Read more


Jun 2018

MTRC has developed reimbursement overviews for 14 EU countries. Overviews cover stakeholders, money flow, payment model, DRG system, innovation funding, coverage with evidence development, the role of health technology assessment, funding frameworks and reimbursement pathways. Reports are delivered in PowerPoint. Video explanations are available as well. Read more


Jan 2018

The Department of Home Affairs (EDI) in Switzerland decided upon the coverage with evidence development (CED) of two types of positron emission tomography as well as stereotactic radiotherapy (photons) of exudative age-related macular degeneration. The status is given to contested medical services for a specific period which is extended until evidence is complete. Read more


Nov 2017

After successful trial application by a manufacturer (St. Jude Medical, now part of Abbott), the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) decided to conduct a co-funded study to create evidence about the measurement and monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure using an implanted sensor called “CardioMEMS™ HF System” to optimize therapy in NYHA III heart failure. The G-BA released a trial guideline defining the key points of the planned study, including type and duration of the study, target population and control intervention. Read more


Oct 2017

SIRT is not routinely commissioned in England. In 2013 NHS England commissioned an evaluation of SIRT for colorectal liver metastases and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma within registry in England, complemented by systematic literature review and de novo economic analysis (Commissioning Through Evaluation). In July 2017, NICE prepared a final report for NHS England, which was made public on 12th of October 2017. Read more


Oct 2017

German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) passed directives for co-funded trials to create evidence on two high-intensity focused ultrasound methods that showed potential benefit in the early benefit assessment process in relation to the innovation funding (NUB). Manufacturer refused to cover required contribution to trial costs and thereby risk exclusion of the methods from benefit catalogues in the German social health insurance. Read more