Dec 2019

On October 29, 2019, the NHS England updated the clinical commissioning work programs including clinical commissioning policy work program, specialized commissioning service specification work program, commissioning through evaluation work programs. Read more


Sep 2019

In May and November each year, NHS England makes decisions on which new treatments should be included for routine commissioning. The decisions are taken by the NHS England Board based on recommendations from the Clinical Priorities Advisory Group (CPAG), which is made up of doctors, health experts, and patient representatives. Read more


May 2019

At the end of April of 2019, the NHS England has announced the start of routine commissioning of pioneering brain surgery in two UK hospitals. The highly complex procedure involves inserting a device directly into the brain to stimulate hearing pathways, bypassing the cochlea and auditory nerve that have not developed properly. About 15 children per year would be assessed for auditory brainstem implantation, and about nine would go on to have the surgery, which costs around £60,000 per patient. Read more


Apr 2017

The procedure will be included into Prescribed Specialized Services. About 8000 patients can benefit from the treatment annually. Other stroke treatments are commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups. Read more


Mar 2017

From 1st of April 2017 bariatric surgery will be fully transferred for commissioning by Clinical Commissioning Groups from national payer, the NHS England. English physicians are concerned that provision of surgery will face restrictions by local payers. Read more