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Dec 2018

In late November 2018, the Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center (KCE) published a report with the title “Optimisation of RIZIV – INAMI lump sums for incontinence.” The primary aim of this report is to analyze the adequacy of the current payment model. The report was requested by the National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI). Read more


Dec 2018

In mid-November, 2018, the European HTA agency, EUnetHTA, published the ultimate project plan of the assessment on “Custom-made or customizable 3D printed implants and cutting guides versus non-3D printed standard implants and cutting guides for improving outcome in patients undergoing knee, maxillofacial, or cranial surgery”. Read more


Dec 2018

In mid-November, 2018, the Catalan Agency for Quality and Healthcare Evaluation, AQuAS, published their evaluation of bilateral cochlear implants in children and adults. The authors provided a list of criteria a patient has to fulfil in order to have a cochlear implant prescribed. Read more


Dec 2018

In late October 2018, Assobiomedica, the body that represents the companies that operate in the medical device sector, published the fourth edition of the document “Public policies for the purchase of medical devices.” Read more


Dec 2018

On November 15, 2018, the Swiss Federal Statistics Office (UFS) has notified the public that the CHOP version 2019 and ICD-10-GM version 2018 were published. Read more


Dec 2018

At the end of September of 2018, the National Healthcare Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland, ZIN) has published an Overview of the healthcare activities, which were excluded or included with restrictions into Basic Insurance Package. Read more


Dec 2018

On November 7, 2018, the Italian Ministry of Health announced the document which should serve as a tool for the acquisition of medical devices through tenders. Read more


Dec 2018

In October of 2018, InEK has published the list of the devices, previously (in 2018) eligible for innovation funding via NUB, and which will be integrated into DRG payment system since 2019. Only two devices will be transferred into the DRG catalogue. Read more


Dec 2018

At the end of October of 2018, DIMDI has published the preliminary version of the procedure catalogue for the coming year. MTRC will report about new procedures and other changes included in the catalogue after the release of the official version in the beginning of 2019. Read more


Dec 2018

On 7th of November, 2018, the Italian Ministry of Health announced that the technical standards for magnetic resonance and its use are updated. Read more


Dec 2018

On 13th of November, 2018, one of the Swiss insurers’ association, curafutura, announced on their website that the new benefit structure, which will be the basis for the new fee structure in ambulatory settings, is ready. The company ats-tms SA prepared this benefit structure. Read more


Nov 2018

The Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group develops and maintains procedural and diagnostics nomenclature for private payers in England. In October, one new diagnostic code. Read more