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Apr 2024

Intra-DRG list updated in France

On April 8, 2024, the updated version of the intra-DRG list of April 6, 2024, was published. One new device was registered, and other changes concerned modifying the registration conditions and renewing registration or extending the registration.
Apr 2024

The amended 2023/25 NHS Payment Scheme in England came into force on April 1, 2024

In late March 2024, NHS England released the amended 2023/25 NHS Payment Scheme (NHSPS) to come into force on April 1, 2024. No changes were made to the general payment model. Eight new items were added to the High Cost Devices List, and one new device was added to the MedTech Funding Mandate. New reimbursement codes and tariffs for three types of specialist radiotherapy were introduced. Furthermore, HRG tariffs were uplifted for 2024/25.
Apr 2024

The revised EBM catalog for the second quarter of 2024 published in Germany

On April 3, 2024, the revised EBM (German Uniform Evaluation Standard) catalog for the second quarter of 2024 was published. The changes introduced mainly concern updating the content of several EBM sections with the respective comments and/or clarifications and introducing the new EBM codes for the services provided within the co-funded study on sleep position therapy in mild to moderate position-dependent obstructive sleep apnea.
Apr 2024

Recommendations about add-on reimbursement for medical devices in France in March 2024

The French National Authority for Health (HAS) released new recommendations about add-on reimbursement of medical devices and medical aids from the meetings of the National Commission for Evaluation of Medical Devices and Health Technologies (CNEDiMTS) in March 2024. Twelve recommendations were published concerning the registration of medical devices or modification of registration conditions/extension of indications for the medical devices in the List of Reimbursable Products and Services (LPPR). Opinions concern cardiovascular, neurovascular, ENT, and surgical devices, interventional radiology and endoscopy procedures, as well as medical aids.
Apr 2024

Rapid HTAs of four medical devices released in Tuscany

The HTA body of the Tuscany Regional Healthcare issues three types of documents: full HTA reports, rapid HTA reports, and motivational forms. With regional decree 6700 of March 27, 2024, Tuscany Regional Healthcare published three new assessments and one re-assessment of medical devices in the cardiovascular, men’s health, nephrology and urology, and surgical procedures areas.
Apr 2024

MTRC launched Knowledge Zone with brief overviews of the market access landscape and challenges for individual types of medical technologies in Europe

Market access is a rapidly changing field and the landscape varies for different types of medical technologies. To provide an additional, easy-to-access source of high-level information about key themes in the market access landscape and challenges for individual types of medical technologies, MTRC launched a dedicated Knowledge Zone on the website. Currently, the Knowledge Zone includes information about procedure coding, payment mechanisms, policy considerations, HTA, and future challenges for market access for 12 types of medical technologies. In the coming weeks, the Zone will expand 40 key technology groups
Apr 2024

The G-BA Innovation Fund becomes permanent in Germany

On March 26, 2024, the “Digital Law – DigiG” (Law to accelerate the digitalization of the healthcare system) came into force, leading a line of changes concerning the G-BA Innovation Fund: the Fund becomes permanent and also the funding procedure for the projects dedicated to the new forms of care changes.