Radiology procedures


Jan 2021

The revised EBM (German Uniform Evaluation Standard) catalog came into force on January 1, 2021. The most significant changes include the increase of the reimbursement base rate and the introduction of many new surcharge fees in the area of radiotherapy services. Read more


Dec 2020

In 2013, Norway established a framework “New Method” for the introduction of innovations into the health care system through either a national or hospital-based health technology assessment. In this framework, all innovations should undergo HTA before being funded. In the second half of 2020, eight new mini-HTA projects of medical technologies were launched in Norway: tissue allotransplantation, pain treatment via neuromodulation, among others. Read more


Mar 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the Galician Scientific and Technical Advice Unit released a health technology assessment on the treatment of benign thyroid nodules (TNs) by thermal laser or radiofrequency ablation that aimed to assess its safety and clinical effectiveness compared to standard treatment. The methods were considered safe and effective procedures for the treatment of benign, solid, and symptomatic TNs. Read more


Feb 2019

The Clinical Coding and Schedule Development (CCSD) group develop and maintains procedural and diagnostics nomenclature for private payers in England. New procedure codes concern robotic-assisted laparoscopic procedures, 2-dimensional radiotherapy, revision of anti-reflux operations, etc. The codes are introduced with a recommended adoption date being the 1st of May 2019. The document also contains a list of textual changes in codes and an updated list of unacceptable combinations of codes. Read more


Feb 2018

The Danish National Board of Health has published a revised recommendation for how reception and status monitoring should be carried out on major x-ray devices for teeth examinations. The recommendation elaborates on previous requirements and contains suggestions for new measurement methods. Read more


Oct 2017

The Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) resumes assessments of methods that have been intermitted due to missing evidence: LDR brachytherapy in localized prostate carcinoma and PET or PET/CT for malignant lymphomas as well as for interim staging in Hodgkin's lymphoma. Studies conducted in the meantime are expected to provide sufficient evidence base for the assessment about the inclusion of the methods into the social health insurance benefit catalogue in Germany. Read more


Oct 2017

On 25th of September, the Norwegian Decision Forum of “New Methods” had a meeting to review several medical technologies and IVD tests. Decisions were made in relation to the introduction of 2 new newborn screening tests, prehospital emergency thoracotomy, aortic valve replacement using sutureless stent Perceval, and digital breast tomosynthesis. Read more


Aug 2017

Changes will be made in eleven chapters of Nomenclature. In relation to medical technologies and in-vitro diagnostics, the most important changes include changes in conditions for Stomatology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine codes, introduction of new codes for IVD tests, including diagnostics of tuberculosis and screening for EGFR mutation. Read more


May 2017

Changes will be made in nine chapters of Nomenclature. In relation to medical technologies and in-vitro diagnostics, the most important changes include changes in conditions for two ophthalmology and endoscopy codes, new conditions for reimbursement of photodynamic therapy in dermatology, introduction of two new codes for IVDs, and creating of requirements for reimbursement of number of IVD tests in pregnancy. Read more