Nov 2018

On the 1st of October of 2018, the Russian Ministry of Health has released the Order № 665n about the extension of the list of transplantation objects with inclusion of hematopoietic stem cells. Read more


Jul 2018

Minister of Health announced that it is planned to re-equip 609 vascular surgery centers. In parallel, about 30 departments will be upgraded to the level of the regional vascular centers, which will increase their capacity. Ministry plans that these efforts will help to double number of primary coronary interventions in acute coronary syndrome in Russia. Read more


Jul 2018

Russian Ministry of Health approved the Order #260, which introduces a national program for modernization of equipment of pediatric ambulatory clinics and out-patient department of pediatric hospitals in 2018-2020 years. The budget of the program is 411 mln euros. Read more


Jan 2018

The rules describe types of telemedicine systems used, type of care to be eligible for telemedicine services, interaction of medical personnel using telemedicine systems, approach for remote monitoring of condition of patient, and approach for documenting and storing information obtained using telemedicine technologies. Read more


Jan 2018

The program will cover the period of 2018-2025 and will focus on improvement of provision of health care services, introduction of innovations and other aspects of health care system. Overall budget of the program is 4.7 bln. euros. The program can create a window of opportunity for financing of innovative equipment and devices in Russia. Read more


Nov 2017

The Nomenclature is used to code all health care interventions in public sector. It is a foundation for payment using Russian diagnosis-related groups. Nomenclature will come into force 1st of January 2018. Read more


Sep 2017

Joint Orders of Ministry of Industry and Trade and Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology issued a number of standards outlining technical requirements for organizing of state procurement of a number of medical devices, including ventricular assist devices, implantable neurostimulators, means of protection of medical personnel from radiation, and pacemakers. Read more


Aug 2017

Decree #968 introduced a number of additional products for which procurement will be limited to Russian-made products only. The List includes devices for blood transfusion, containers for storage and transport of blood, consumables for mechanical lung ventilation, consumables for plasmapheresis, consumables for cardiopulmonary bypass, urine, and fecal collectors. Read more


Aug 2017

In total, 10 organizations were added to the list of 42 organizations, which can perform translation of organs. In addition, list of organizations, which perform extraction of organs for transplantation, was also updated. Read more


Aug 2017

The List determines devices (generic lines), which can be procured for provision of care within Program of State Guarantees in Health Care. Number of surgical implants, orthopedic implants, hemostatic materials, glue for surgical wounds, connector for spine drain, penile prosthesis, plates for facial surgery, surgical mesh, peritoneal catheter were added to the List. Read more


Jul 2017

Current version of the DRG manual for hospital and day case care was approved in December 2016 by the Russian Federal Fund for Mandatory Medical Insurance (FFOMS). Since then, FFOMS has issued two updates of the DRG manual, mainly focused on use of organizational coefficients for DRGs in oncology, criteria for DRG for infections of upper respiratory tracts, change of definitions of frostbite. Read more


May 2017

Russian Government has approved draft legislation about telemedicine in the country. It covers number of elements including united information system in health care, exchange of information about stakeholders in health care, ability to perform teleconsultation, remote monitoring and to issue electronic prescriptions. Read more