The preliminary version of the 2022 procedure coding (OPS) system released in Germany


Aug 2021

On August 16, 2021, the preliminary version of OPS 2022 was published. Numerous content updates and new procedure codes inclusion concern chapters 5 “Operations” and 8 “Non-operative therapeutic measures”. Also, minor changes were made in chapters 1, “Diagnostic measures” and 3, “Diagnostic imaging”. Some examples of newly introduced codes per technology group are provided below:


  • 5-35a.05 Implantation of an aortic valve replacement: Endovascular;
  • 5-35b.20 Use of special methods for minimally invasive mitral valve replacement: Use of percutaneous apical access and closure system;
  • 5-377.n1 System for stimulation of the conduction system: With 3 electrodes;


  • 1-999.42 Type of cystoscope: Flexible reusable cystoscope;
  • 5-46b.1 Additional information on operations on the intestine: Motorized spiral endoscopy;


  • 5-218.23 Septorhinoplasty with correction of the cartilage and bone: With alloplastic implants;

Extracorporeal treatments

  • 8-839.b5 Endovascular implantation, replacement, or removal of a paracorporeal pulsatile membrane pump with integrated counter-pulsation for circulatory support or perfusion augmentation: Implantation, aorta;

Interventional radiology

  • 5-339.25 Destruction of diseased lung tissue: Using radiofrequency ablation, percutaneous;


  • 5-786.q Osteosynthesis procedure: Using an angle-stable plate with an integrated band;
  • 5-803.c↔ Open surgical ligament surgery on the knee joint: Posterior cruciate ligament with an allogeneic tendon;

Peripheral vascular

  • 8-838.n** (Percutaneous) transluminal vascular intervention on vessels of the pulmonary circulation: Thrombectomy;
  • 8-84e.0** (Percutaneous) transluminal implantation of stents with embolic protection in stenoses: One stent.

The full details in German can be found here.

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