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Reimbursement summary for angioplasty of arteries of lower extremities

This post presents an extract from our reimbursement analysis for angioplasty of arteries lower extremities using plain and drug-coated balloons (DCBs) for peripheral artery disease in England, France and Germany. Plain balloon angioplasty is reimbursement via DRG solely and DCBs are reimbursement via combination of DRG and add-on reimbursement.
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Organized colorectal cancer screening program started in Germany

09 May 2019

Up to now, only the breast cancer screening program was an organized screening program (the national invitation program targets all relevant candidates on the national level). The cervical and colorectal screening program were in the national roll-out phase (soon-to-become-organized on the national level). Other screening programs are of opportunistic nature in Germany.

However, on April 4, 2019, it has been announced that the colorectal screening program has become organized on the national level. According to the organized screening program, starting on 19th of April, men of at least 50 years of age and women of at least 55 years of age are required to undergo a colonoscopy because of the increase of colorectal cancer risk. The candidates will receive the invitation. A new check-up can be carried out after 9 calendar years.

In addition, the Evaluation Committee has now agreed on a higher compensation for the more detailed consultation. For this purpose, the fee order position 01740 was changed and the score increased from €103 to €115 (€12.45 euros). Beginning from 19th of April, this option will also be available for all insured men aged 50 and over. Until now, the detailed consultation was only available for men of at least 55 years of age.

The regulations for the immunological testing for fecal occult blood (iFOBT) remain unchanged: a fecal occult blood test can be carried out annually in both men and women aged over 50 years, and bi-annually beginning from 55 years of age.

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) adopted last year the directive on organized cancer screening programs (oKFE-RL). Colorectal cancer screening is the first organized program to be implemented thereafter. Insured people of at least 50 years of age will be regularly invited for screening by the health insurance companies beginning from July 2019.

The full details in German can be found here.

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