The Health Care Classification System was updated by the Danish Health Authority in April of 2018


Apr 2018

The Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) quarterly updates the Health Care Classification System (Sundheds-væsenets Klassifikations System, SKS) and publishes the results on its website two weeks before its implementation, while the files with the changes are sent to the hospital systems.

The adjustments are subdivided into the major and minor changes. Minor changes are mostly the text updates, which do not change the meaning of the term and do not require the code closure. The changes are considered as major if they are associated with the implementation of a new code or the code closure.

In April 2018, The Danish Health Authority published the latest major procedure code changes. Several new codes for invasive medical procedures are provided below:

  • Endoscopic interventions on esophagus (sub-chapter KJC)
  • Closure of the loop ileostomy (sub-chapter KJFG)
  • Resection and excision of the rectum (sub-chapter KJGB)
  • Microdisection of testicle and sperm extraction (sub-chapter KKFB)
  • Suture or reinsertion of tendons in the upper arm (sub-chapter KNBL)

Eighteen new codes for palnning and delivery of radiotherapy will be implemented in April 2018, including:

  • Planning and delivery of proton therapy
  • Planning of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • Delivery of MRI-guided radiotherapy

See full details here.

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