Flash glucose monitoring


Sep 2020

On August 18, 2020, Swedish Medical Technology Product (MTP) Council issued an updated recommendation on FreeStyle Libre for continuous glucose monitoring in diabetes, which now includes FreeStyle Libre 2. The previous recommendation was published by New Therapy (NT) Council in 2018. Read more


Jul 2020

In March 2020, the Dutch Healthcare Institute advised the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport to simplify the reimbursement to diabetes care aids. In accordance with this advice, the Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (RT-CGM) and ketone test strips will no longer fall under specialist medical care (MSZ) but will be covered by medical aid care (HMZ). The new scheme is intended to take effect on 1 January 2021. Read more


Apr 2019

The NHS Long Term Plan announced, on March 7, 2019, that the NHS will ensure that patients with type 1 diabetes will benefit from life changing flash glucose monitors from April 2019. This will end the variation patients in some parts England are facing. The new guidance sets out the criteria for flash glucose monitoring and the maximum amounts CCGs will be reimbursed for the ongoing costs of the flash glucose sensors. Read more


Mar 2019

On the Interterritorial Council that took place March 4th, 2019, the Working Plan for the Spanish Network for Health Technology Assessment was agreed and published. The working plan includes 22 health technology assessment reports, 7 monitoring studies, 9 clinical practice guidelines, and 1 evidence-based product. Read more


Sep 2018

On July 27th, 2018, the European network for HTA has published a rapid assessment of the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM real-time) and flash glucose monitoring (FGM) as personal, standalone systems in patients with diabetes mellitus treated with insulin. Read more


Jul 2018

On the 14th of May of 2018, Norwegian RHF Decision Forum (Beslutningsforum) has recommended usage of the Flash Glucose Monitoring system - Freestyle Libre for the treatment and follow-up of children (less than 18 years) with type 1 diabetes and other types of diabetes. Read more


May 2018

Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM) is covered care for four groups of diabetic patients who are already eligible for reimbursement of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RTCGM). This is stated in the 'Flash Glucose Monitoring' assesement of the Dutch National Health Care Institute Read more


Jul 2017

In the first two weeks of July, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published four Medtech Innovation Briefings (Nasal Alar SpO2 sensor for monitoring oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry, Arctic Sun 5000 for therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest, L-Dex U400 for lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment, FreeStyle Libre for glucose monitoring), new clinical guideline for Parkinson’s disease in adults, and updated diagnostic guidance for a new generation cardiac CT scanners. Read more