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Reimbursement summary for angioplasty of arteries of lower extremities

This post presents an extract from our reimbursement analysis for angioplasty of arteries lower extremities using plain and drug-coated balloons (DCBs) for peripheral artery disease in England, France and Germany. Plain balloon angioplasty is reimbursement via DRG solely and DCBs are reimbursement via combination of DRG and add-on reimbursement.
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Success with market access in 2020 – how can MTRC help

Dear visitor!

We would like to take a moment of your time and inform you about our evolving capacity to support market access processes at your company in 2020.

Reimbursement analysis and strategy – more countries

In 2019, we added the capability to perform reimbursement analysis in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Turkey.  

Since January 2020, we can provide support in the US.

With these new markets, MTRC has probably the largest coverage of markets among other Med Tech consulting companies (19 markets: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey). We do analysis in-house, ensuring consistency and high quality of the results.

More than 90 technologies are covered with ready-made reimbursement reports

By the end of 2019, we have developed more than 90 off-the-shelf reports with data about the reimbursement situation for individual technologies. Now, we have a unique dataset of market access information, which is unprecedented in the consulting space.

When you come with a request, we have a direct answer in 90% of cases. Also, these reports are much less expensive compared with the project work, as they are available to multiple customers.

Browse the topics here.

Expertise in the e-health space

Through two large projects in the digital space (health apps and digital platforms), we have developed a very good understanding of the reimbursement and funding landscape in major European countries.

New services - health economics and value dossier

In response to multiple requests from the clients, we started the provision of services of developing health economic models, integration of economic outcomes in the clinical studies, developing value dossiers. These projects are led directly by Director, Oleg Borisenko with more than 25 peer-reviewed publications and more than 400 citations of his research.

Learn more about these services here.              

More free information on the topic of market access

In 2019, we launched a number of new free initiatives to keep our clients informed about the latest developments in market access:

A novel weekly newsletter with analytical content, which is distributed to selected clients;

  • Youtube channel on market access (Market Access Insider);
  • Instagram account (;
  • A quarterly printed magazine on the topic of market access (Market Access Magazine – download the latest issue here);
  • Pre-recorded webinars on the topic of market access (browse the list here).

We use a unique in each marketing channel, therefore we will encourage you to follow us on all these platforms to get all insights and updates.

Educational materials on market access

In the middle of 2019, we launched the first of its kind, online academy on the topic of market access.

Right now we have two three-hour-long introductory seminars on market access (Med Tech and IVD) and 23 modules on individual countries. Seminars are available as presentations in Acrobat PDF and pre-recorded webinars.

We also can develop customized training material for your company on the topics of market access.

Learn more about seminars available here.

Please, let us know, if we can be of any help to you. You can contact us here