Services of MTRC


Nov 2020

MTRC maintains two subscription services with a focus on all published, initiated or ongoing HTA and reimbursement reports and decisions for medical devices, procedures and IVD tests. HTA Alerts is a global service and covers 56 organizations from 24 countries. Reimbursement Alerts is focused on 14 key European countries. All alerts are tailed to the technologies of interest for each client. First EU issues of both newsletters are available for download free-of-charge. Read more


Oct 2020

MTRC has started a subscription service with email alerts about initiated, published and ongoing health technology assessments of pharmaceuticals, gene and cell therapies, as well as vaccines from 56 HTA organizations globally (24 countries). Read more


Sep 2020

The first issue of HTA Alerts included 186 reports from European organizations only. This issue included reports, published or initiated from the 1st of August 2020, and ongoing reports. The most common technological fields were cardiovascular, gastroenterology, in-vitro diagnostics, men's health, neuromodulation, and orthopedics. Contact us if you want to receive a sample alert and to learn more about the service. Read more


Aug 2020

The focus of the service is on reimbursement decisions (new procedure codes, DRG change, coverage decisions, innovation funding, clinical guidelines) in 14 European countries and globally. Only in Europe, 29 organizations are monitored. All news are classified by 31 Technology Group and alerts are sent every 2 weeks. This is a twin service for "HTA Alerts", where we track initiated or published HTAs from 56 organizations globally. Read more


Jul 2020

For the last three years, MTRC maintained a be-weekly newsletter with information about reimbursement and market access changes in European countries. From July 2020, we are extending this activity with an introduction of the paid subscription service HTA Alerts. It will include bi-weekly reports about initiated or published HTAs from 56 HTA organizations worldwide. Reports will be customized so that the clients receive notification for only relevant technologies. Read more


Jun 2020

The report summarizes information about HTA activity in 12 European countries (+EUnetHTA), including 51 HTA organizations. Data for all non-pharmaceutical published HTAs in 2019 are reported. In total, 256 reports are reported (in 2018, 337 reports were released by the same organizations). The largest number of reports were published in England (108 reports, 42%), Sweden (34 reports, 13%) and Spain (26 reports, 10%). All reports are classified using 31 technological groups. The most common types of technologies covered by HTA reports were in-vitro diagnostic (38 reports, 15%) and cardiovascular (25 reports, 10%) ones. Read more


Jun 2020

MTRC released a novel product, which was often requested by our clients from marketing, market intelligence, clinical affairs and other non-market access departments. The online seminar includes a basic overview of the market access, clinical evidence, value claims management and health economics for the Med Tech non-market access professionals. Available in the form of presentation (89 slides) and a pre-recorded webinar (2.5 hours). Read more


May 2020

MTRC has released the new video on the Market Access Insider Youtube channel. Oleg Borisenko spoke to Mr. Luigi Mazzei, Country Director at Edwards Lifesciences about market access for medical devices in Italy. Read more


May 2020

MTRC has released the new video on the Market Access Insider Youtube channel. Oleg Borisenko spoke to Mr. Andrea Zanella, CEO of DIANAX S.r.l. about market access for in-vitro diagnostic tests in Italy. Read more


May 2020

In March-April, MTRC introduced a number of changes in the educational seminars on reimbursement systems in the Czech Republic and England and released additional modules about reimbursement of in-vitro diagnostic tests in Russia and Turkey. Read more


May 2020

MTRC continues releasing new seminars on the topics on market access. The seminar discusses key stakeholders, money flow, reimbursement in ambulatory settings for IVD tests, national and regional Benefit Catalogs and the role of HTA for market access of IVD tests. Read more


Apr 2020

MTRC released the report on reimbursement of diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey). The report includes information about the availability of reimbursement, types of tests reimbursed, testing criteria. Download sample pages to assess the relevance of the report. Read more