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Dec 2023

MTRC released an analytical White Paper with a summary of clinical evidence requirements for Interventional Procedures Program at NICE

Health technology assessment plays an important role in market access for medical technologies in England. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the key HTA organization with several programs dedicated to the assessment of medical technologies. One of the key med tech-related programs at NICE is the Interventional Procedures Program. MTRC developed an analytical White Paper with a summary of clinical evidence requirements for Interventional Procedures Program at NICE.
Nov 2023

MTRC released an analytical White Paper with a summary of market access for medical technologies in EU5 countries

Market access for medical technologies is a challenging field. It includes co-existing frameworks of reimbursement (coding, payment mechanism tariffs), funding (post-reimbursement approval by payers) and health technology assessment (HTA). MTRC developed an analytical White Paper with a summary of key market access considerations in the largest European countries (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), including an overview of stakeholders, payment mechanisms, innovative payment schemes, funding, and the role of HTA.
Sep 2023

Blog: Project ideas: What HEOR projects are requested by our clients? Part 3

Market access is a challenging field. Multiple priorities have to be managed within a limited budget. We would like to share the anonymized outlines of the projects in the HEOR and market access fields commissioned to MTRC to inspire our clients. The next example is the rapid development of value messages to support positioning and marketing activities.
Jul 2023

MTRC welcomes Health Economist Dharna Gupta to the team

We are happy to announce the further expansion of our HEOR Department with Dr. Dharna Gupta, a dentist by training and a Health Economist by profession. Dharna holds a Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy, Economics & Finance from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India (2020). Dharna is a public health researcher with expertise in health systems and policy research, costing analysis, health economic modeling, economic evaluations, and value-based pricing in governmental settings. For the past three years, she was part of the HTA team at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, India, where she has worked on health economic models in the field of oncology, policy briefs and treatment guidelines at the state and national levels, and contributed to the educational modules on evidence-based medicine and health economics. If you are interested in learning about our capabilities in evidence synthesis, please, reach out to us to arrange a call to discuss your needs.
Jun 2023

New service – paid consultation with MTRC Director, Dr Oleg Borisenko

MTRC offers a new service of paid hourly consultations by the Director, Dr Oleg Borisenko. Normally, MTRC works on a project basis with a fixed budget. However, the format of the project does not fit all our clients. Sometimes, instead of a project, a one-two-hour consultation can be sufficient to guide the company in the right direction in relation to European market access, evidence generation and other related topics. MTRC now offers the possibility of hourly paid consultations with Oleg Borisenko, one of the most knowledgeable experts in European Med Tech market access. Read about typical situations for such support and conditions in this post.
Jun 2023

MTRC welcomes Evidence Synthesis Specialist Sandeep Moola to the team

We are happy to announce the further expansion of our HEOR Department with Sandeep Moola, an Evidence Synthesis Specialist. Sandeep holds a Master’s degree in Health Services Management with Honors Care from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (2006) and a Master’s degree in Philosophy (Clinical Science) in Evidence-Based Health Care from the University of Adelaide, Australia (2012), and he has a Ph.D. degree in Evidence-Based Health Care from the University of Adelaide, Australia (2017). Sandeep has extensive experience working for one of the world’s leading organizations on evidence-based medicine, Joanna's Briggs Institute in Australia.
Jun 2023

Opportunity to comment on the design of the upcoming Reimbursement/HTA decisions database from MTRC

MTRC is developing a novel digital product - Reimbursement and HTA Market Intelligence Database, which will allow access to the historical reimbursement/HTA decisions for individual technology groups (e.g. cardiovascular, robotic, IVD etc.), for individual countries, filtering decisions by type of decision (e.g. procedure coding, payment mechanisms, innovation funding etc.). There will be a small overlap between the upcoming database product and the existing Reimbursement and HTA Alerts newsletter; however, the database will offer much broader functionality and several additional benefits. We invite our existing and prospective clients to comment on the design of the upcoming solution.
May 2023

MTRC welcomes Health Economist Agni Baka to the team

We are happy to announce a further expansion of our HEOR Department with Agni Baka, a health economist from the Netherlands. Agni holds a Master's Degree in Health Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (2013), and she is a PhD Candidate (2023) from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Agni has six years of experience in the field of health economics and European health technology assessment (HTA). Agni combines expertise from both consultancy (Mapi Group in the Netherlands) and academia (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Agni was involved in health economic research of non-pharmaceutical health interventions in the Netherlands and had a number of health economic publications in peer-reviewed journals (Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Behavioral Sleep Medicine, International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity).
Mar 2023

Top 15 countries for geographical coverage of MTRC services

Since 2017 MTRC has provided reimbursement and HEOR services for the medical device and IVD industry in Europe. We specialize in Pan-European projects and worked in 34 countries in Europe. In this post, we summarized statistics about our experience with reimbursement projects in different EU countries. Three leading countries are England (273 projects), Germany (247 projects), and France (203 projects).
Mar 2023

MTRC offers a cost-effective and fast approach to adapting global health economic models to European settings

MTRC is the leading provider of market access services in Europe. Since 2017 we have accomplished 700+ projects in Europe. We provide regular consulting services to 56% of top 30 med tech companies and multiple SMEs. The typical scope of model adaptation includes adjustment of epidemiological data, validation of comparator, an adaptation of resource use and cost data, and search for local utility data. MTRC has a unique ability to work on model adaptations due to its unparalleled knowledge of payment systems in 34 European countries. We worked on model adaptations in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.