Mapping the pathways enabling market access to innovative medical procedures and technologies


Nov 2022

MedTech Europe and MTRC completed a mapping of reimbursement and funding of medical procedures and technologies. MTRC analysed all these pathways by screening the situation in 32 European countries between July and October 2022. The result is an overview of all the current payment schemes for innovative medical technologies and procedures. The mapping also presents the current concrete initiatives aimed at transforming healthcare systems and/or reimbursement and funding systems already implemented by some European countries.

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The latest related news


Oct 2022

A value dossier is a document of a certain structure that summarizes in a comprehensive and unbiased way all value-related messages for medical technology. The unique approach of MTRC is based on a deep understanding of evidence and data presentation requirements for market access processes in a large number of European countries.

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Sep 2022

MTRC developed a short, 14-question quiz to help self-testing of knowledge of European market access for medical devices. The test is anonymous and free of charge. It covers areas of procedure coding, payment mechanisms, innovation funding and HTA.

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Aug 2022

MTRC offers support with monitoring of medical information and/or clinical guidelines, data extraction from identified relevant sources and analysis (if relevant). Identified information can be stratified into different domains (e.g., epidemiology, clinical effectiveness, health economics). Search is performed primarily in the largest databases of medical publications, Medline and Medline In-Process.

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May 2022

This free webinar provides an overview of the comprehensive process to establish pathway-specific and fact-based evidence requirements for medical technologies to meet the requirements of reimbursement, funding and HTA authorities.

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Apr 2022

The Director of MTRC will be visiting MedTech Forum 2022 in Barcelona on the 3-5 of May 2022. Contact Oleg directly or via email at to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs in person.

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