Day surgery


Mar 2019

Since 2018 the cost weight for a number of day surgery DRGs has become equal to the cost weight of the relevant hospital DRGs. In 2019 the number of DRGs has been extended, and in total 39 day surgery DRGs are included in the list in 2019. Read more


Mar 2019

Eleven new DRGs have been added in 2019, while three DRGs have been deleted. The significant changes have been made for disorders of the circulatory organs (MDC 5) and musculoskeletal, skeletal and connective tissue disorders associated with prosthetic surgery (MDC 8). They concern insertion of vagus stimulator, ablation of heart, percutaneous valve replacement, and others. Read more


Apr 2017

KCE issued a report, in which it reviewed provision of day surgery in Belgium, incentives for provision of day surgery in France and England and developed recommendations for incentive policy for day surgery in Belgium to policy-makers. Read more