New guideline for Electroconvulsive Treatment has been published in Norway


Jul 2017

Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) is a well-established treatment with good results in severe mental disorders. Due to the danger of memory problems, strict requirements are imposed and the patient's written consent is initially required. The National Guideline states that the right to information and participation are basic patient rights that are central to the use of ECT, based on patient informed consent.

The guideline deals with the use of ECT in a number of mental disorders. In essence, other therapies will be considered as first choice and ECT will only be recommended exceptionally before other documented treatment measures. This is particularly true where rapid effects are desirable and which can enable the patient to use other treatment in the follow-up.

There have been a number of recommendations related to standards that should be established, including equipment, expertise and follow-up of treatment. The working group has been composed of professionals, researchers and user representatives.

Access the guideline in Norwegian here.

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