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Reimbursement summary for angioplasty of arteries of lower extremities

This post presents an extract from our reimbursement analysis for angioplasty of arteries lower extremities using plain and drug-coated balloons (DCBs) for peripheral artery disease in England, France and Germany. Plain balloon angioplasty is reimbursement via DRG solely and DCBs are reimbursement via combination of DRG and add-on reimbursement.
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INAMI in Belgium has published the list of hospitals that meet the criteria for reimbursement of certain implants and invasive medical devices

24 Apr 2017

In Belgium, number of procedures and devices can only be reimbursed for the hospitals, that meet certain requirements. INAMI has released a new lists of hospitals eligible for reimbursement for a number of procedures and devices in cardiovascular, neuromodulation, urology and orthopedics areas.

The following technologies are covered:

  • Neurosurgery (treatment of Parkinson's disease and essential tremors, refractory epilepsy and services relating to neurostimulation in the event of abnormal movements);
  • Urology and Nephrology (lower urinary tract dysfunction);
  • Abdominal Surgery and Digestive Pathology (catheters for radiofrequency ablation of dysplasia of a Barrett's esophagus);
  • Thoracic Surgery and Cardiology (implantable cardiac pacemakers and resynchronization pacemakers, their electrodes and implantable accessories, services relating to coronary stents and coronary dilatation, percutaneous repair of the mitral valve leaflet coaptation for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation, ventricular assistance, TAVY system and accessories, percutaneous closure of the left auricle in the case of non-valvular atrial fibrillation);
  • Vascular Surgery (abdominal aortic stents and abdominal and thoracic, windowed and multi- branched stents);
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology (services relating to implants for the anchorage of an external prosthesis).

The list can be accessed here