May 2018

In mid-May 2018, the Basque office for Health Technology Assessment, OSTEBA, has published a rapid assessment report on treating prostate cancer with high-intensity focused ultrasound. The article is published under EUnetHTA framework. Read more


Apr 2018

In mid-April 2018, the Galician HTA body, Avalia-T, has published a rapid evaluation report on screening of fetal trisomies 21, 18 and 13 by non-invasive prenatal testing. The report was done within EUnetHTA framework. Read more


Mar 2018

Within the Work Package 4 of EUnetHTA Joint Action 3, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is currently under assessment by a team led by Emilia Romagna Region. Read more


Jan 2018

EUnetHTA analyzed HTA and reimbursement procedures in relation to pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical health technologies in EUnetHTA partner countries. About 59 HTA agencies and decision-makers provided country-specific information and outlined the process of HTA and reimbursement in 31 European countries. Read more


Nov 2017

EUnetHTA has published project plan of rapid assessment of TAVI procedure in patients with intermediate risk. Current plan describes the design and methodology of the assessment, list of involved reviewers, stakeholders and timelines of the project. The final report will be prepared till the end of January 2018. Read more


Apr 2017

Assessment using HTA Core Model framework revealed that technology is safe, but evidence of efficacy is limited. Read more