Dec 2020

The Department of Health and Social Care announced its new national testing strategy, which aimed to scale up testing programs for COVID-19. To reach the aim, the evaluation process of virus detection and antibody detection tests to place the test kit on the market in the UK was initiated. The call for proposals to supply antibody detection tests has been closed, but proposals for virus detection tests are still ongoing. Read more


May 2020

In March-April, MTRC introduced a number of changes in the educational seminars on reimbursement systems in the Czech Republic and England and released additional modules about reimbursement of in-vitro diagnostic tests in Russia and Turkey. Read more


May 2019

The report includes an overview of funding framework and all (as of May 2019) decisions from ultimate payers and decisions makers in England (NHS England, one CCG), Germany (G-BA), Netherlands (Zorginstituut Nederland), Norway (“New Methods” framework) and Switzerland (Federal Office of Public Health). More than 1000 decisions are included. Read more


May 2019

NHS England is inviting nominations for additions to, and removals from, the high-cost drugs and devices lists for the next national tariff come into effect in April 2020. All submissions must be submitted by May 31, 2019. Read more