Coding system changes to be introduced in 2021 announced at the information meeting in Norway


Oct 2020

At the information meeting on October 13, 2020, Norwegian Directorate for e-Health presented planned changes in the coding system (NCSP-NCMP-NCRP) for 2021.

Changes in surgical procedures classification (NCSP):

Two new surgical procedure codes for laparoscopy

  • JCE31 “Laparoscopic surgery for oesophageal atresia or congenital tracheoesophageal fistula”
  • JGB21 “Laparoscopic partial recto-sigmoidectomy and abdominoperineal pull-through anastomosis”

Changes in procedure codes the cruciate knee ligament procedures

  • Twelve codes retired
  • Two new categories added - for primary reconstruction and revision reconstruction

Changes in radiological procedures classification (NCRP):

Two new radiology procedure codes were introduced:

  • PJK40K “Marker insertion in the axillary lymph node, ultrasound-guided” - a new procedure for neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer
  • SAC0AK “UL Neuromuscular ultrasound” for investigation and follow-up of neuromuscular disease

Publication of 2021 code lists and the document listing the introduced changes is planned for October 2020; the coding guide is planned to be issued in December 2020.

See the full presentation from the information meeting here

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