Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center has issued report on managed entry schemes in Belgium


May 2017

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center has issued report on managed entry schemes in Belgium. Although the report excluded medical technologies from scope, it includes useful information about the concept of innovative payment schemes, taxonomy and provides an overview of international experience. 

The initial objective of this study was therefore to better understand the different types of managed entry agreements, to assess their impact and to provide recommendations on how to improve the process. The following research questions were raised:

  • What lessons can be learned from the European experience? Based on a review of the literature, the following subquestions KCE analyzed:
    • What is the potential impact of MEAs? What are their main strenghts and weaknesses?
    • Which challenges needed to be overcome and what are the potential solutions?
  • What lessons can be learned from the Belgian experience? Based on an evaluation of Belgian conventions, the following subquestions KCE analyzed:
    • Which kind of conventions were concluded in Belgium up to now and what are the possible practical problems with each type of convention in the Belgian context?
    • Which uncertainties and/or problems were adressed, how were they adressed and to what extent were these uncertainties and/or problems resolved?
    • Which conditions were imposed in the conventions and to what extent were these conditions respected? What were the results of the conventions already expired? Were the initial objectives met? What was the impact of these conventions on the reimbursement negotiation process that followed them?

Full report in English language is available here.

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