IVD industry

Optimize your business decisions with our best-in-class overview of reimbursement status and strategy for in-vitro diagnostic tests in Europe

Our two core services are the provision of off-the-shelf and on-demand pricing overviews for all types of IVD tests and the development of reimbursement strategies for innovative tests in 19 European countries

What is included in pricing overview?

Availability of reimbursement for the test
Availability of procedure / reimbursement code
Reimbursement mechanism (diagnosis-related group or fee for service) in hospital and ambulatory settings
Reimbursement tariffs

What is included in reimbursement strategy?

Overview of drivers and barriers for adoption
Overview of key reimbursement and funding pathways
Detailed presentation of individual pathways (process, stakeholders, requirements, timelines)
Action plan

We tailor our services to fit your requirements and budget

We will determine the structure and details of the project based on your requirements and budget. Contact us to determine the most optimal solution for your business decisions

When do you need a pricing overview?

Business development for a new test to understand pricing benchmark
Selection of new markets for entrance

When do you need a reimbursement strategy for IVD test?

Development of a novel innovative expensive test with no coverage by the health care system
Selection of new markets for entrance

Our services cover 19 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

We provide services for major types of in-vitro diagnostic tests

Our analytical team has worked on dozens of reimbursement projects in the in-vitro diagnostic area, including standard biochemistry, microbiology, point of care and companion diagnostic tests
Laboratory tests
Point of care tests
Companion diagnostic tests

Confidence in results

We have established numerous procedures and services to ensure the high relevance and precision of our analysis in order to successfully guide your business decisions:

  • Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Access to official coding manuals and tariff lists
  • A team, comprised of experienced Clinical Coders with a medical background
  • Quick access to health authorities to address uncertainties
  • Ongoing research program to get insights from payer and provider interviews
  • All reports are reviewed by the CEO before release

Get analysis results within weeks

  • Our standard turnaround time for pricing overviews is 4 weeks and an additional 3-4 weeks for strategy
  • You can request the "express delivery" option if you need an analysis within 2 weeks

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