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Reimbursement analysis for medical technologies in Europe

Procedure coding, payment mechanism, reimbursement tariffs, policy and HTA considerations

Reimbursement analysis is performed to understand the current market access situation for medical technology.

It includes the availability of procedure/reimbursement codes, understanding of payment mechanism and reimbursement tariffs, as well as policy (coverage) and HTA considerations.

Reimbursement analysis is always a starting point for medical device companies. Analysis helps to establish whether technology is reimbursed or not. If it is reimbursed, is the tariff sufficient? Are there any restrictions for use of the product? All these questions are answered as part of the reimbursement analysis exercise.

Once the reimbursement situation is clear, we work on reimbursement strategy to determine the ways to establish or improve reimbursement and general market access situation for medical technology.