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Reimbursement Alerts – Med Tech

A subscription service with email alerts about key reimbursement developments for medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic tests and digital technologies in 15 European countries

Market access is an actively developing, dynamic field with regular changes in reimbursement systems. 

Typical changes include release of new procedure codes; changes in the payment system (Diagnosis-Related Groups [DRG] and add-on reimbursement); release of new reimbursement codes, coverage decisions from payers and decision-makers; structural changes in the system (change of stakeholders, responsibilities, new regulations), release or update of clinical practice guidelines, and changes in the innovation funding schemes. 

Because it can be challenging for medical device companies to stay on top of all market developments, MTRC offers “Reimbursement Alerts” services, in which our team bi-weekly tracks all developments from more than 46 reimbursement stakeholders in Europe and shares this information with subscribers. Reimbursement Alerts help our clients stay up to date and ahead of their competition by allowing prompt reaction to key developments in reimbursement systems. 

Key features of Reimbursement Alerts service

More than 120 reimbursement news items are reported in Europe every two weeks.

EU coverage

The service includes key reimbursement organisations (payers, decision-makers, DRG administrators, and developers of procedure codes) in Europe. In total, 46 organizations from 15 European countries are monitored

Key national organizations are included

The service focuses on key national organizations and national legislation in each country. Organizations were selected on the basis of an audit of their activity and importance in the reimbursement framework. Regional organizations are not covered at the moment

Timely alerts with essential information in English

Alerts about reimbursement developments are sent to email every 2 weeks. For each news, a title, brief summary and the link are provided. You can follow the link to investigate the development further. Every new newsletter covers the last two weeks 

Both general and technology-specific news are included

The service captures both general (e.g., the release of the next year DRG system) and technology-specific (e.g., coverage decision for transcatheter aortic valve implantation) news

All reports are classified according to 31 technology groups

The service helps to focus only on technologies of interest (e.g., cardiovascular or neuromodulating devices) and avoid wasting time on not relevant reports

Personalized alerts and an unlimited number of subscribers

All reports are customized based on the client's preferences about geographical (you can select only particular countries for monitoring) and technological (e.g., only news for neuromodulation technologies) coverage. The number of enrolled subscribers from one company is unlimited

Reports are developed using a manual search

Search and categorization of identified reports are performed manually by MTRC analysts – no search robots are utilized for identification and clarification of relevant information

Three-month free, no-obligation trial

Evaluate our service in real-time before subscribing

Trusted by 40% of the top 30 global med tech companies

Types of news included in Reimbursement Alerts

Procedure codes

New procedure codes (quarterly in Denmark, monthly private codes in England, annual codes in other countries)

DRG and reimbursement codes

New Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs), new add-on reimbursement categories. New out-patient reimbursement codes

Structural changes in the system

New stakeholders, new conceptual legislation

Innovation funding

New projects in the innovation funding schemes, developments of the programs, alerts about calls for proposals

Coverage decisions

Coverage decisions by payers (e.g., NHS England) and decision-makers (e.g., Federal Joint Committee, Dutch Healthcare Institute)

Clinical practice guidelines

Clinical guidelines, developed by governmental organizations (e.g., HAS in France, Health Directorate in Norway)

Why use "Reimbursement Alerts"?

Timely access to essential information
Timely access to essential information

Our clients can be the first to know about important developments for technology within the company and with their competition. Reimbursement decisions reveal new opportunities for our client's business

Ability to engage with HTA stakeholders
Ability to engage with HTA stakeholders

By knowing about reimbursement development (e.g., consultation about new policy), our clients can engage with payers and decision-makers in a timely manner to give feedback on developments

Cost-effective approach
Cost-effective approach

An external reimbursement monitoring service saves our clients both time and money, since no single med tech company can afford such large-scale screening and monitoring activities. By outsourcing this essential function, our clients keep their companies up to date at a modest expense. MTRC offers both quarterly and annual payment options

Suitable for both middle-size companies and large corporations
Suitable for both middle-size companies and large corporations

The service is suitable for both middle-sized companies with one to two people in the market access function and large corporations. For small companies, the service is the only opportunity to keep track of significant developments, and for large corporations, it complements the internal effort

Customized information in a user-friendly format
Customized information in a user-friendly format

Clients obtain access to reimbursement information only for countries and technologies of relevance to their position, for example, EMEA region only or peripheral vascular technologies only. Newsletters are easy to navigate and easy to distribute internally

More professional fulfillment of the market access role
More professional fulfillment of the market access role

Market access professionals use all modern tools at their disposal to execute their function professionally. "Reimbursement Alerts" has become a new industry standard and essential tool in the portfolio of market access specialists

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