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Market access for medical technologies in Turkey

A brief overview of key market access pathways and challenges for medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic tests in Turkey


Key topics

There is only one key theme describing market access for medical technologies in Turkey: 

  • Reimbursement: case-based payment categories (bundled payment for an episode of care), fee-for-service mechanisms for procedures performed, and separate payment for materials (devices used) according to the Healthcare Implementation Communique (SUT)


Hospital care is typically (for admissions with a normal length of stay) reimbursed using the case-based payment categories (bundled payment for an episode of care). However, if the length of stay exceeds the defined value for a particular service, or if a case-based payment category does not exist for a particular service, the service will be reimbursed via a fee-for-service mechanism. 

In addition, certain materials (medical devices) are paid separately, in addition to the payment for the procedure performed. 

The procedure and material codes, and their tariffs, can be found in the annexes of the Healthcare Implementation Communique (SUT), which is updated with irregular frequency by the Social Security Institution (SSI).

DRG system is present in the country but has a rather limited role (benchmarking purposes only).


Specifics for IVD tests

IVD tests provided in outpatient specialist settings are reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis according to the relevant annex of the national Healthcare Implementation Communique (SUT).

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