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Apr 2017

In Belgium, number of procedures and devices can only be reimbursed for the hospitals, that meet certain requirements. INAMI has released a new lists of hospitals eligible for reimbursement for a number of procedures and devices in cardiovascular, neuromodulation, urology and orthopedics areas. Read more


Apr 2017

SwissDRG has released the application form for suggestions for DRG change in 2017. Applications will be collected between 29th of May and 10th of July 2017. Approved changes will be implemented in 2019. Read more


Apr 2017

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center (KCE) has issued report about organizational framework and evidence base for major trauma. Analysis is focused on Belgium, although organizational systems in England, Germany and the Netherlands were reviewed as well. Read more


Apr 2017

The French National Authority for Health (HAS) has released report about evaluation of cardiac defibrillation probes and proposed updated nomenclature. Read more


Apr 2017

Danish Health Data Protection Agency (Sundhedsdatastyrelsen) calls for submission of the proposals for the change of DRG system with the deadline of the 1st of November 2017. Changes will be considered for implementation from 1st of January 2019. Read more


Apr 2017

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center issued information about ongoing and planned health technology assessments of medical technologies and IVD tests. They include external cardiac defibrillators, bariatric surgery, OncoType for breast cancer, peripheral drug eluting balloons and others. Read more


Apr 2017

Report found that Sweden has high regional variability in provision of cardiovascular procedures (PCI and CABG), but low to moderate variability in provision of orthopedic and obstetrics procedures compared with selected OECD countries. Read more


Apr 2017

The procedure will be included into Prescribed Specialized Services. About 8000 patients can benefit from the treatment annually. Other stroke treatments are commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups. Read more


Apr 2017

Reports presents summary of the reimbursement situation in Europe for all developed or currently under development minimally invasive (transapical approach via mini-thoracotomy) and transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement procedures for mitral regurgitation. Read more


Apr 2017

A paper comes in response to the European Commission's impact assessment on ways to strengthen the use of and cooperation on Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) at European level. Med Tech Europe proposes five key principles for such a cooperation. Read more


Apr 2017

NICE in the UK has released a consultation document in relation to the TAVI procedure (Interventional Procedure Guidance). Publication of the final guidance, which will replace the guidance from the 2012, is expected in July 2017. Read more


Mar 2017

NHS England has confirmed number of steps, included into the Cancer Strategy Implementation Plan: investment of 94 million pounds into linear accelerators and building up 10 new Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centres. Read more